There are so many reasons to support Parker University.
There are so many reasons to support Parker University.

Every gift makes a difference

Learn more about how you can support Dr. Parker’s vision through the information below. There are also many ways you can direct your gift. Learn more about supporting Parker today!

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Your investment helps create a global community ensuring the chiropractic profession becomes a leader in the 21st century for health and wellness.

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Anatomical Donations

Making a donation of your body is an especially generous gift for many generations to come.

Anatomical Gift Program
  • Reasons to Give to Parker

Reasons to Give to Parker

    1. To Make a Difference. Your gift, small or large, directly impacts the lives of Parker students and faculty. Combine your gift with the gifts of thousands of alumni, parents, and friends and the impact is astounding.
    2. To Say Thank You. You know how important financial aid was to your education, and 85% of Parker University students receive financial aid. Give back by making a gift that will provide future Parker students with the same opportunity to receive the personal attention and academic excellence that set Parker apart.
    3. To Support Your Parker Family. A gift to Parker University is more than just a gift to an institution. Your contribution supports all members of the Parker family through student scholarships, programs, facility improvements, technology upgrades, and faculty development.
    4. To Bridge the Gap. Tuition only covers 80% of the cost of a student’s education. Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends of the university provide the funds needed to cover the remaining 20%.
    5. To Invest in Future Leaders. Parker students dream of becoming leaders in chiropractic and health care in general. Your support is an investment in those dreams and in the future of the communities in which Parker alumni will live and work.
    6. To Leave a Legacy. You believe in the work of Parker, and you want the University to continue to change the lives of generations of individuals to come. By making a bequest to Parker, you ensure that your personal legacy lives on and makes a difference to students forever.
    7. To Increase Our National Reputation and Rankings. National university rankings take into consideration giving percentages when evaluating a university. These percentages indicate how satisfied alumni, parents and students are with the education received from that institution. Future students and their parents often consider these rankings when selecting colleges. Your support of Parker improves our reputation and assists in recruiting top students to the University.
    8. To Improve the Value of a Degree. Increasing Parker’s stature as a university with a national reputation helps increase the value of a Parker degree.
    9. To Increase Corporate and Foundation Gifts. Giving serves as one of the measures by which corporations and foundations rate alumni, parent, and student involvement. Your personal annual gift can turn into millions of dollars in corporate and foundation support.
    10. To Maintain Traditions. The vision set by Dr. Parker in 1951 for providing the very best chiropractic education is still carried out today at Parker University. Your gifts help keep the tradition alive.

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Student Scholarships
Parker strives to ensure that students who want to pursue an education here have the scholarship and financial support they need. 99% of students receive financial aid at Parker.

Faculty Development
The Parker Fund helps ensure that our faculty maintain their recognition as experts in their profession, have the ability to conduct research and have the resources they need to utilize new technology in the classroom.

Student Development
The Parker Fund helps support programming and initiatives through student senate, student organizations, honor societies and professional societies which helps enable students to develop themselves as future leaders for their profession and communities.

Student Health and Well-Being
Student success is predicated on having a sound mind and body. The Parker Fund supports essential services for our students including intramurals, Chiro Games, counseling services and the Standard Process Student Activity Center which are available to all students.

Campus Enhancements
With a growing campus population and new academic programs, Parker strives to enhance all of our facilities in a way that provides for an optimal educational experience. The Parker Fund helps support technology advancements, energy-efficient building enhancements, the creation of new student spaces, laboratory upgrades, and general facility maintenance.

The Parker Fund is the university’s annual giving program that supports financial aid, academic innovation, student life initiatives, and campus enhancements. This renewable, unrestricted fund enables Parker’s leadership to respond to immediate needs, unexpected opportunities, and fresh ideas.

Since annual gifts to The Parker Fund can be put to use as they come in, they are an essential complement to gifts of endowment.

Gifts of all sizes add up to a substantial sum. In fiscal year 2013–2014, alumni collectively gave over $813,000 to Parker University.

Participation in Parker University is also an important indicator of alumni engagement—a message to corporations and foundations who might offer large gifts that the alumni support their University.

A commitment to Parker University is an ongoing “vote of support” for Parker.

The cost of higher education represents one of the largest single investments a family or individual will make in a lifetime. As a result, most students need some form of financial aid, a combination of grant and loan, to finance their study. At Parker, we are committed to ensuring that students who want to pursue their education at Parker University have the scholarship and financial support they need.

There are several ways you can contribute to scholarships at Parker:

Make a gift to an existing scholarship fund
Parker is fortunate to have generous supporters who have established a number of existing scholarship funds. You can make a gift to any of these funds to further the impact of the scholarship. Once you decide on the fund you’d like to support, you can make your gift online or mail your gift with the downloadable gift form to:

Office of Advancement
Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Road
Dallas, TX 75229

The check should be made out to Parker University and the name of the scholarship should be listed in the memo or note line.

Establish your own named scholarship
A partial scholarship endowment can be established with a minimum gift of $50,000 which can be paid over multiple years. Non-endowed scholarships can be established with a minimum contribution of $12,000 paid over four years. Learn more about establishing a named scholarship.

Give to the Parker General Scholarship Fund
Gifts of any size, large or small, can be made to the Parker General Scholarship Fund. These gifts are awarded to students each trimester after completing the university scholarship application. To support the Parker General Scholarship Fund, simply select that fund from the drop-down menu on the online gift form or mail your gift with the downloadable gift form to:

Office of Advancement
Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Road
Dallas, TX 75229
*The check should be made out to Parker University and “Parker General Scholarship Fund” should be listed in the memo or note line.

The library touches every member of our Parker community. Whether it’s a faculty member reviewing the latest in chiropractic research, a student brushing up on the latest in nutrition or our alumni coming back to research potential treatment options, the Parker library is a key element of the university’s future success.

Gifts to the library help us:

  • acquire new resources
  • preserve existing material
  • expand staff and volunteer services
  • provide subscriptions to critical search databases
  • stay abreast of new technologies

Today the library is providing more personal services, special study areas, high-tech solutions, and information that is accessible 24/7. Our administrators, librarians, technical staff, — and you — are at the heart of our growing success.

You can make your gift online now to support the Parker library or mail your gift to:

Parker University
Office of Advancement
2540 Walnut Hill
Dallas, TX 75229

Enhance our students’ motor skills development.

FSTT provides instantaneous data on loads transmitted by the student in delivering a spinal manipulation. Immediate objective feedback of the student’s performance is displayed in a force-time profile which can be compared to expert force-time profiles. Students then use this feedback to model the desired behavior.

See a video from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College – inventors of the table – here.

As faculty and staff, you support Parker initiatives and programs through your daily contribution of time and talent. The Parker Family First Campaign is another way for employees to deepen their support for their peers and the students at Parker.

Your participation sends a powerful message to our corporate and business partners as we seek their financial contributions; consequently giving our university better positioning in the competitive fundraising process. As an employee of Parker University, the work you do is vital to the success of both our students and the institution.

Ready to make your gift? Parker University faculty and staff are incredibly generous in giving back to Parker University. As faculty and staff, we get to see the impact of our giving every day in the faces of our students and the smiles of our patients.

Faculty and staff can make their gifts via payroll deduction. By using this method, a gift amount of your choice can be automatically deducted from your payroll each pay period. You have three choices on how to make your gift:

  1. You can make a one-time gift from a single paycheck.
  2. You can select a total pledge amount. A constant amount is deducted from your payroll until the total pledge amount is achieved.
  3. You can choose to continue at a constant amount indefinitely or until you contact advancement to change the amount or end the pledge.


You can also make your gift online or in cash/check by visiting our office in North Building 106.

As you are planning for the future, and for the future of your family, you might also consider the larger picture.

Chiropractic education and research has existed for over one hundred years and has helped countless generations. Making a donation of your body is an especially generous gift for many generations to come. Such a bequest enhances the training of prospective chiropractors, helps secure the future of a meaningful chiropractic education, and may lead to the development of new healing techniques.

The donation of bodies for education is not a new concept, but a widely accepted procedure in Texas and many other states. There is a tremendous need throughout the educational and healthcare community for human bodies for education and research. Your donation through the Parker University Anatomical Gift Program helps us to meet this need. We appreciate your inquiry and interest in our Anatomical Gift Program and each person who participates contributes substantially to the education of future chiropractors and to chiropractic research.

We have placed the necessary forms below; however completion of the forms does NOT constitute acceptance into our program. All donors MUST be pre-screened for approval by an Anatomical Staff Member. The forms should be printed and signed by two witnesses. Please send original forms to Parker University 2540 Walnut Hill Lane #N108 Dallas, TX 75229-5668. You should keep a copy with your other important papers, as well as keep a copy for your next of kin. After we receive the completed forms, we will send a wallet card to you for future use.

Anatomical Gift FAQ

Grief Resources
Bereavement Organization
Counseling for Loss

Aging Resources
Third Age
Long Term Care

Personal Data Form  – Must be filled out by all who wish to donate their bodies.
Donation Form – To be filled out by all who wish to donate their bodies.
Next of Kin Form – For those who wish to donate their next of kin.
Return of Cremated Remains – Must be filled out by all who wish to donate their bodies.


Since the early days of the Parker family, bequests have been a popular way to support the university. A bequest is a transfer of cash, securities, or other property through a will or a living trust. A bequest to Parker can be made for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate, or even for all or a portion of what is left after you have made specific bequests to your family and others.

There are many reasons to make a bequest. You may want to support Parker and its programs in the future, just as you may be doing during your lifetime. Giving by bequest costs nothing now, yet it may give you a great deal of satisfaction to know that your future gift will live on. Bequests are very personal gifts, too. You may change your bequest at any time, and, if you wish, you may make your plans anonymously.

Making A Bequest

To make a gift to Parker from your estate, you must sign a new will or living trust instrument, add a codicil to your present will, or make an amendment to your present trust instrument. To ensure that your exact intentions can be carried out by Parker, we encourage you to discuss your plans with our staff in the Parker University Office of Advancement and get their help in drafting the language that accomplish your charitable goals. Then you may provide your estate planning attorney with the new language to use in updating your documents.

Bequests to Parker can include cash, securities, real estate, other property, a percentage of the residue of your estate, or all the residue of your estate.

Tax and Other Advantages of Making A Bequest

Federal Estate Tax Savings
An outright gift to Parker University from your estate—whatever the amount, and whether it is for immediate use or for endowment—is entirely free from federal estate taxes. This means the university is able to use the full amount of the bequest, whereas if it were left to an individual, a significant amount (up to 45% in 2009) might go to federal estate taxes.

Other Advantages of Bequests
With bequests over $100,000, you may create a separate fund named for yourself or in the name of someone you wish to honor. Named funds remain visible in the Parker community because of the people and activities they support. This visibility also encourages others to give.


You have several options when making gifts by bequest. Here are a few for your consideration.

  1. Unrestricted bequests: The use of your gift is left to the discretion of the university. Such bequests are extremely valuable, as they allow the university to flexibly and imaginatively meet the future needs of the university.
  2. Sample text for unrestricted bequests: I hereby give ______________ to the board of trustees at Parker University (hereinafter, “the board”), an educational institution. This gift shall be fully expendable at the discretion of the board, and it shall be used to further the objects and purposes of Parker University.
  3. Restricted bequests: Support ongoing specific university needs such as undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, faculty support, and library funds. Restricted bequests can also be used to build and maintain facilities or to underwrite research. Because each restricted bequest is unique, Parker encourages donors considering this type of gift to speak with a member of the planned giving staff.
  4. Sample text for restricted bequests: I hereby give ______________ to the board of trustees at Parker University (hereinafter, “the board”), an educational institution. This gift shall be fully expendable at the discretion of the board, and it shall be used to ….. (fill in your purpose, such as “provide financial aid to students in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program”).
  5. Endowed funds: Provide income every year in perpetuity to carry out the designated purpose of the gift, with the goal of preserving the real value of the gift over time through a “total return” investment philosophy.
  6. Sample text for endowed fund bequests: I hereby give ______________ to the board of trustees at Parker University (hereinafter, “the board”), an educational institution. The property comprising this gift may, for investment purposes, be merged with any of the investment assets of Parker University, but the gift shall be entered in the university’s books and records as the _____________ Fund. The board shall use the endowment payout from the fund to… (fill in your purpose, such as “provide financial aid to students in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program.”)


For more detailed information about bequests, please contact:

Parker University
Office of Advancement
2540 Walnut Hill Road
Dallas, TX 75229