Alumni Awards Winners

2017 Recipients

Shiva Shirvani
Shiva Shirvani, DC ‘95
Alumni of the Year
Dr. Shiva Shirvani is an exemplar of the sort of passionate and accomplished professional Parker University strives to achieve. While at Parker, she learned from Dr. Parker that a true education for success is about love, about finding the mission that makes you get up in the morning. As such, she’s never limited her dedication to her patients to one practice or one service. She’s made services available through as many as five locations at one time and recruited practitioners from many fields to meet her patients’ needs. As an alumna of Parker, she’s been a leader and a witness – participating in ceremonies to honor the history of the school and founding scholarships to ensure the future education of many determined students. An advocate for many community and professional interests, Parker is always happy to have Dr. Shirvani on campus and to benefit from her guidance.
Tanner Rodriguez
Tanner Rodriguez, DC ‘15
Young Alumni of the Year
Dr. Tanner Rodriguez, born and raised in the Texas Panhandle, was taught early as a chiropractic patient that the power that made the body, was the same power that continues to heal the body throughout life, so long as there is no neurologic interference. Dr. Tanner has a passion for true health and found that chiropractic is the best way to optimize the health and recuperative power of his patients. His wife, Heather, and his brothers are all in their last year of chiropractic school, quickly making chiropractic a family mission.
Formerly, Dr. Tanner was an Associate Chiropractor at a large, successful chiropractic practice in Lubbock, Tx. Dr. Tanner and his wife are now looking forward to serving Fort Worth and surrounding communities. They are excited to serve alongside of many others as an integral part of Fort Worth’s “Healthiest City Initiative” and “Blue Zone Project.”
Scott Philips
Scott Philips, DC ‘09C
Recruiting Ambassador of the Year
Dr. Philips has personally recruited more than 20 students to attend the Parker College of Chiropractic. Dr. Philips has attended numerous Parker Seminars in Las Vegas to which he brings scores of prospective students from Utah. He has also been a presenter many times at Parker Power Weekends, the signature Parker recruitment event, held on campus three times a year. Dr. Philips is an excellent ambassador for the profession and his alma mater.
Eric Russell
Eric Russell, DC
Parker University Faculty of the Year
Dr. Russell has been at Parker University for a total of almost five years. Dr. Russell is consistently recognized by his students for his teaching and counsel. He works with the FSTT and has been a strong advocate for the securing of the second device. Dr. Russell and his colleagues on the faculty comprise the essence of loving service to our students.
Angela Klement
Angela Klement
Parker University Employee of the Year
Angela has been at Parker for five years. In her relatively short tenure at the university Angela has served three presidents and one provost. She has done so with professionalism and aplomb. Angela is well known as a person who is able to work across the campus to assist the university leadership in virtually all facets of their work for our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.
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Past Recipients

Alumni of the Year Award

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2009:  Patrick Bodnar, DC ’99

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Young Alumni of the Year Award

2016: Jarrett Browning, DC ‘13

2015: Andrew Oteo, DC ’10

2014: Courtney Gowin, DC’ 13

2013: Lezlie Maloy, DC ’08

2012: Jose Negron, DC ’11

2011:  Homero Cavazos, DC ’08

2010:  Sharla Robertson, DC ’05

2009:  Marco La Starza, DC ’04

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2007:  Alan Smith, DC ’01

2005:  Jason Clemmons, DC ’05
International Alumni of the Year Award

2016: Lindsay McInnis, DC ‘11

2015: Mayda Serrano, DC ’09

2014: Andrew Hatch, DC ’93

2013: Boyce Kinnison, DC ’01

2012: Neil Gardner, DC ’09

2011:  Aleisha Serrano, DC ’06

2010:  Tracy Kennedy-Shanks, DC ’95

2008:  Mary Ann Chance, DC

2007:  Juan Sanchez, DC ’90

2005:  Scott Garber, DC ’02

2004:  Kurt Snel, DC ’94

2003:  Ronen Mendi, DC ’98

2002:  Caroline Lambert, DC ’92

2001:  Ronen Mendi, DC ’98
Lifetime Achievement Award

2016: Mark Charrette, DC

2015: Kenneth Thomas, DC ’86

2014: James Sigafoose, DC – in memory of

2013: M.T. Morter, Jr., DC – in memory of

2012: Rose Lepien, DC ’91

2011:  John “Jack” Donovan, DC

2007:  Richard Yennie, DC

2005:  Alfred States, DC

2004:  Leander Eckard, DC

2003:  M.T. Morter, Jr, DC

2002:  Leander Eckard, DC

2002:  Mary Collins, DC ’02
Recruiting Ambassador of the Year

2015: Tracy Wilson, DC ’97